madjax maker force 

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The combination of Madison and Jackson, the intersection in which the makerspace is located, fits together beautifully to create the name, Madjax. The name is a locator in and of itself. Paired with the name is the qualifier, Maker Force. Maker Force is a modern take on workforce, creating a sense of community for the makers who will work in Madjax.

Geometric in nature, a bold stencil type treatment is at the core of creating this powerful identity for Madjax. Stencils are used to quickly and clearly label objects, allowing for a unique and cost effective way to bring this design to life inside the building. The name Madjax adds a sense of whimsy and intrigue, while the industrial mark references the modern, warehouse feel of the location. The stencil identity is able to maintain a distinct Madjax feel, even when paired with the vast variety of tenants’ brands.