If January has demonstrated anything, it’s that Intersection really does go hard in 2019—three scheduled immersions in three different cities, a myriad of new business prospects, and several fresh projects from our existing clients. Whew! It’s safe to say that Intersection has indeed created multiple examples of transformative impact, but there was one client whose work stood out among the rest this month.


Ball Brothers Foundation has been transforming and positively impacting the Muncie and Delaware County communities since it’s origination in 1926. Donating more than $7 million each year since 2016 to dozens of non-profit organizations, Ball Brothers Foundation has truly been a helping hand in the growth of our community (even if they’re too humble to admit it themselves). So when the foundation asked for Intersection’s help in improving its communications tools and processes, we were honored to have a chance to contribute to this level community impact.


This transformation kick-started in January with two surveys—one for community leaders, and one for board members and associate directors. These surveys were customized to the foundation’s goals and were sent to about 100 recipients.

Combined, the surveys earned a rather impressive completion rate of about 94%.

The surveys were just the beginning of a longer partnership; as we move forward, the next few months will bring analyses of the survey results and a review of our findings. In all, Intersection’s recommendations will be used to help Ball Brothers Foundation better help others, creating a ripple effect of positive, transformative impact within our community.