If the fact that this post is a month late isn’t enough to show how busy we’ve been lately, what is? Our March included one newly signed client and immersion, heavy public relations work, the start of three website redesigns, and plenty more to keep us busy. Oh, and we got to work with NFL—an opportunity made possible through our retainer with Muncie Downtown Development Partnership (DWNTWN), who just so happens to be the subject of this month’s transformative impact post. 

This year, Intersection created a new brand look for DWNTWN, which transitioned the brand from black-and-white and building-focused to bright and people-focused. This new look captures the real people that make up DWNTWN, highlighting what’s happening here and what’s happening now. In March, the new look made its official public debut in the form of street banners, which immediately brightened the city’s streetscapes.

And remember those three website redesigns we mentioned? One of them is for DWNTWN. By this summer, the new look will be displayed online, too. Slowly but surely, all of the brand’s touchpoints are being updated to reflect the exciting change.

Perhaps one of the coolest things about this brand refresh is that, while it focuses on the here and now, it still makes nod to the history of Muncie. We were fortunate to further share a piece of Muncie’s history through the NFL’s centennial celebration. (You didn’t actually think we’d just glaze over that NFL thing, did you?) As one of the original NFL towns, Muncie hosted a live NFL Draft pick from the stage of Canan Commons. In preparation of this event, Intersection created banners, billboards, press releases, and more—all of which received approval from the Colts and the NFL. And not many agencies around here can say that.

Go Flyers!